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This is the list in OER GSNS 2017-2018.
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Master's programmeElective courseOSIRIS url
Master's programmeElective courseOSIRIS url
Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Modeling INFOMCM 
Artificial Intelligence Experimentation in Psychology and Linguistics INFOMEPL 
Artificial Intelligence Logic and Computation WBMV13005 
Artificial Intelligence Logic and Language TLMV13020 
Artificial Intelligence Multi-agent learning INFOMAA 
Business Informatics Business intelligence INFOMBIN 
Business Informatics Software architecture INFOMSWA 
Climate Physics Measuring Analyzing and Interpreting Observations NS-MO501M 
Computing Science Big data INFOMBD 
Computing Science Data mining INFOMDM 
Computing Science Pattern recognition INFOMPR 
Computing Science Pattern set mining INFOMPSM 
Experimental Physics Statistical Data Analysis  
Game and Media Technology Multimedia Retrieval INFOMR 
Game and Media Technology Pattern Recognition INFOMPR 
Mathematical Sciences Complex Networks  
Mathematical Sciences Network Dynamics WISL116 
Mathematical Sciences Parallel Algorithms WISL603 
Mathematical Sciences Seminar Scientific Computing WISM470 
Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences Computational inference with R  
Showing 20 items